Google CEO Eric Schmidt Joins Apple Board of Directors

30 08 2006

Wow! It’s some fun news in the world of computing when Google and Apple seemingly tie together to take on big, bad giant Microsoft. Press release here.

Both Google and Apple are the leading examples of technology making lives better, easier, cheaper and more fun.

When business aspires to these goals, you have to applaud, which is largely why people love Google and Apple so much. The latest news of Google Office is only the beginning. A dismissal is looking too short-term – Microsoft does have lock-in *for now* – I’m in the camp that probably won’t switch for a while simply because I’m locked in. As the world moves to be more networked, more wired through wireless and more mobile, these web-enabled applications will win, not just because they’re portable but for another big reason – because they’re cheap.

In a world that’s getting too complicated, people love their iPod’s and their Google because of their front-end simplicity, so complexity of bloated software no longer matters. In this world, these two look extremely well poised to capitalize and who knows how they’ll aim to do it together.




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