Hidden Goldmine

11 09 2006

This past week, I was prompted to discover an older copy of Microsoft Visual Studio from my UW Computer Science days, back when I paid student prices for Microsoft software, probably acquired sometime during 1999 or 2000.

Unaware of it, it turns out that this piece of software still sells for nearly $1000 brand new. A search on eBay showed a price of $150 to $400 (new), so even at discounted prices, the discs alone are another $150 in my pocket.

Yet another example of what my new startup iLetYou is trying to solve – unlocking hidden goldmines everywhere. It’s not curing world crisises or stopping terrorism, but it’s something. It’s a big part of why I’m excited to bring it to market.

This is the hidden goldmine. In big picture, personal terms, I think everyone’s got a hidden goldmine, big or small. In life, it’s your unique skill set and personality that will make you suited for something that can make a difference.

In physical terms, the American dream (but it’s important to remember that this is not just the American dream as well) is pretty damn good, something we should all remember. Despite all our problems, the land of opportunity is just that. In the process, we’ve acquired a lot of stuff. With eBay, you can not only utilize the junk you’ve got that could be someone else’s treasure, but start to think about how this process can make you a living.

It’s also not just about the money. In thinking about this hidden goldmine, it’s seems a shame to waste all that hidden treasure. There’s a lot of waste in this world – another thing that we’re looking to solve with iLetYou. If you could make some money and ensure that just a tiny bit less is wasted, wouldn’t you?

So think about that hidden goldmine. What is it for you, both personal and physical?




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