Why does it work? It’s just cool…

12 10 2006

There’s been a lot of speculation of DVDs versus movie downloads. I think it’s a valid conversation, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent so much time myself examining it.

How about this for an explanation of why DVDs are still here to stay? It’s just a cool format. Burn-to-DVD, custom DVD creation, special feature customization – Business 2.0 has a pretty good article with some new technologies coming to fruition that will along the DVD format to really ride down the long tail, both independent and custom-created professional content.

I remember taking a computer animation course on the art of storytelling using computer animation, with the promise that we’d receive a DVD with our work at the end of the course (I never did get the DVD). The tools are only getting better.

Sometimes you get wrapped up in the business analysis when you forget why something succeeds in the first place – it’s just cool. The world is littered with cool things that failed, but DVDs certainly are a home-run hit – that’s why they won’t be going away for a while.

A DVD still contains a wallop of storage, easy to burn, easy to carry around and easy to ship. HD-DVD only increases this high storage, easy portability ratio.

My new startup iLetYou hopes to help distribution of these new and existing creations further on a great format… DVDs. It’s coming right around the corner.




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