Jellyfish – Shopping to fit the name

30 10 2006

Jellyfish recently announced a $5 million funding round, as reported by TechCrunch and others.

Jellyfish is basically a comparison search engine with cash back rebates, as are common on FatWallet and other comparison search engines, but cash rebates are on a per product basis.

It’s easy enough to pan Jellyfish as another “me too”, but using an elastic and more perfect rebate system goes towards the goal of more perfect markets. Whenever a startup does this, I always expect that there’s at least some reasonable chance for success. In the case of Jellyfish, you can see a more competitive marketplace that ultimately benefits the consumer – something consumer success stories are generally built on.

As I’ve said many times, I’m not a fan of putting a marginally better interface on an established concept and expecting that will be enough to win enough market share to become a success.

So judge the site as you will, but if someone takes an existing business model and makes it more perfect – sometimes that’s enough to make a small or big success when the ball is carried through.




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22 11 2008
Simple Idea. Add Execution. « Rodger Visitacion’s Blog: Life in the San Francisco Startup Lane

[…] Jellyfish:  Perfectly elastic cash rebates.  Acquired by Microsoft, now powers its Live Search Cashback system. […]

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