Brightcove – Smartest TV and Video Distribution to Date

2 11 2006

Brightcove has always been a company to watch in the online video space, with a concentration on building its strong distribution network and led by a stellar management team.

They’ve recently announced a self-service TV and video marketplace. You publish your video content and take 50% of ad revenue and 70% of paid download revenue (blog coverage here) . What strikes me positively about this news is that Brightcove has set reasonable standard terms – these are not token pennies paid to content producers. You can finally envision digital content producers finding their way to real substantial income someday.  So while there’s no arguing the greatness of YouTube’s distribution – this is even more exciting to me because it can become a win-win-win-win…. for all.

This is reminiscient of Google AdSense. AdSense existed in its self-service form far before any big MySpace-style advertising deals were announced. The exact revenue share details aren’t necessarily what matters (terms eventually will vary from partner to partner as the market dictates) – only that we are in the ballpark where you can see this becoming a winner not just for Brightcove, but for video content producers everywhere.

The two key components are ease-of-use of the self service model and a substantial revenue share. I haven’t done the usability testing for Brightcove to make any judgments there, but as I’ve said, I’m keen on the start to the revenue share.

We’ve done the same with iLetYou, coming into Private Beta soon, and have tried to follow a similar ease-of-use and substantial revenue share model. I think you’ll see this combination of key components as a successful model moving forward.




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