PS3, Wii, Zune: Second coming of the revolution…

15 11 2006

It’s palatable in the air.  People are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the PlayStation 3, the Wii (to a lesser extent) and the Zune (to an even lesser extent).

Despite what’s being reported as their best efforts to  sabotage PlayStation 3 by outrageously high pricing, I would tend to think that Sony will eventually work it’s pricing out.  It’s certainly treading near the danger zone putting the machine out of the reach of the price point required for mass adoption.

What’s coolest about this new revolution is that all three consoles have a legitimate claim to the throne.  XBox 360 was first market, early as well on online services and priced at a moderate level.  PlayStation 3 is flaunting its muscle as the leader of the last two generations and could come out a leader if it can work out some of the early kinks.   Nintendo Wii is probably the smartest company play right now, pricing a sweet spot of around $250 and heralding a new generation of games that are just plain fun, along with an inventive new remote and sensor combination that promises to reinvent how we think of the game control experience.

Plasma screens and LCDs are becoming commonplace in homes and establishments everywhere.

Even HD DVD and Blu Ray look like given some time and riding alongside the adoption of PS3 and XBox 360 HD DVD players, they too will etch out a place for the highest echelon of viewing experience for movies and video games.

Get ready for next generation of entertainment.  The last generation was pretty sharp, but this one’s shaping up to be even better.




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