Netflixing of Bags, Everything Else

29 05 2007

Compete recently blogged about Bagborroworsteal. The management team comes from trendsetters in the fashion industry. In handbags, they’ve picked a highly suitable segment where rotation of items is a must for fashion-forward customers yet the cost to own outright is prohibitively high. It’s a nicely rounded user experience -kudos indeed.

Seth Godin writes about Meeting Tomorrow (on demand meeting equipment) and how micro-sizing plus FedEx actually makes rental a feasible model.

I think the defining factor here is a trend for less not more. Yet we want beautiful things. This is the era of the iPod, Apple and simple design, and pithy sayings on organic soy extra room lattes. Rental allows for the best of both worlds and I personally think it’s a elegant way to accomplish both (iLetYou is a testament).

We have enough stuff – most Americans have consumed enough for a lifetime. It’s about time for a trend that contracts the amount of stuff we consume, not expands.




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