Transformers: More than meets the eye?

2 07 2007

Transformers has hit theaters and I’ll be viewing it with my fellow Generation Y’ers tonight.

This is the first time I can remember a “those were my favorite toys” nearly across the board.

It’s even become forgivable that Michael Bay is the director, maybe enough to forgive him for Armageddon and Pearl Harbor? Luckily, I’m hearing it’s the best movie Michael Bay has done and largely exceeding expectations. Over the top dramatics aren’t always bad, so long as it doesn’t involve Ben Affleck and animal crackers.

Either this means I’m getting old or it also possibly signals to me a shift in generations, where a new round of nostaglics including Transformers, Super Mario and Duck Hunt starts to transplant Night Rider, Pac-Man and Pong (you can probably instantly tell what generation I’m from based on these generational generalizations).

Nostalgia is a powerful thing and with successes like the Wii and now presumably Transformers that I personally relate with, it really hits home.

Within the hype around Web 2.0 and rapidly more powerful technologies, there’s a general aura of moving back to simpler things and simpler joys. The hottest technology companies today are largely successful because of the simplicity of their design, sometimes an even larger technical challenge even aside from the design challenge. As always, I think this move towards simplicity in stuff and joys is a great thing.




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19 07 2007

I don’t think it’s nostalgia so much as it is that people our age are getting into positions of prominence in hollywood and the press and their input and perspective (ie transformers, video games being a normal leisure activity) are heavily influencing today’s pop culture. Alot of the reporters across the country(in sports pages, business sections, entertainment sections and tabloids) are mostly Gen Y’ers, so the way they write and cover stories are instantly more relatable to you and me because we are simliar in demographic. Also, ALOT of the writers, producers and directors in hollywood that are being tagged as “Now” or are getting alot of the creative credit are folks in their late 20’s and early 30’s. so i don’t think they are capitilizing on nostalgia or even the ‘simpler joys,’ but it’s more a case of the guys pumping out the new ideas grew up in the same world that you and I did, so we relate easier.

oh, and I told you i read your blog. even when it BORES the crap out of me.

19 07 2007

Viet– you bore the crap out of me, as do your comments.

Transformers is not nostaglia? Absolutely it is. And this isn’t the first nor will it be the last time nostalgia drives success.

I simply see more that simpler joys, like throwbacks to youth, the casual games trend, and the lesson from Wii trumping PS3 and XBox 360, are significant signals that the trend for bigger is better may have jumped the shark. In this case, I’m referring to entertainment content, but the same has already occurred to cars for example.

But thanks for the demographic lesson of press and Hollywood production in present day.

10 02 2008
PC Transformers wallpaper

I think i agree with the nostalga comment. This film truely tugged at our emotions through nostalga and did a great job of it too.

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