Signs of the Times

13 08 2007

I’m out at a Starbucks and a little kid walks by and says “Daddy, why are there all those types of computers?”

We’re in the connected age and I’m rarely in unconnected situations, but when seen through a child’s eyes, you know our world is irrevocably changed.

But my realization is not in how the “technology has changed the world”, but how “technology has changed our behavior.” Because more shockingly than making our lives more productive – we now ACT completely differently in a wired world. And as much as industry and cars and airplanes have flattened our world, we spend far more time in front of our laptops and devices than we ever do on the move or basically doing anything else.

Not all of this change is positive. It’s just even further proof that we’ve still in the early innings of a remarkably high scoring game of change in human behavior.




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