Movin’ on up to San Francisco

30 09 2007

I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been preoccupied with moving details, and the prospect then reality of a making a life changing decision.

Moving from San Diego to San Francisco was not an easy decision, especially with San Diego seemingly having everything going for it.  There are certain times when you make decisions that aren’t necessarily what you want to do at that particular moment, but looking back you’re very happy you made that decision at that time.  I think this is one of them, and hopefully a crucial one as iLetYou develops (stay tuned!).

My welcome was San Francisco LoveFest, encompassing everything about San Francisco you would think: love, real hippies, fake hippies (yuppies dressed the part), nakedness, freeness, and lots and lots of love.

I read recently that San Francisco has the highest per capita in alcohol consumption, and it was pointed out that conversely San Francisco also has the highest number of books read per capita as well.  (I didn’t verify if the latter is true, but from a quick glance SF is always one of the top ranked literate cities- not surprising.)   In the words of Conan O’Brien, this is really LA with books.

I’ll be living in SOMA.  It has been pointed out that this is a city that really grows on you, whereas San Diego’s beauty just kind of slaps you across the face.   I may be of a slightly rarer breed that appreciates the SoCal mentality, but still holds some disdain for the indulgent behavior and lifestyle it sometimes brings.  San Diego is such a beautiful place that I will always have ties there, and hope to return often and for something with more permanence sometime down the road.

San Francisco is a big (density-wise), busy city and especially with Silicon Valley competitiveness, it’s still not necessarily a city for the faint of heart.  There’s homelessness and dirtiness, beyond the levels that would be considered adding grit and dabbling into “just disgusting” territory.

But, this is an aware, smart, friendly and diverse city.  So outside of the competitive nature, this is a city that embraces its people.  It’s been apparent thus far, and it’s why San Franciscans love their city.   I’m looking forward to seeing where this new path takes me, and hopefully has some positive effect on thoughts I can post here.