Facebook v. OpenSocial, it’s official

1 11 2007

TechCrunch now reports that MySpace is confirmed to be joining OpenSocial.   No matter how much of a Facebook fanboy you may be, this announcement puts real audience size oomph into OpenSocial.

Overall, I think and hope that OpenSocial means you’ll see a lot more interesting ways to leverage the social graph.  LinkedIn may not have the mainstream audience, but it’s professional applications could make for practical professional networking applications.  MySpace may not have the technical chops, but it’s still a youth favorite.  So on and so forth.

Would Facebook join OpenSocial?  It’s not entirely clear that they need to.  MySpace probably didn’t need to join either, except that they are late to the game.  Facebook is a big enough game to justify writing a specific application for it.

I am continually more and more interested to see how this shapes up.




One response

13 12 2007
Jason Bedell

I don’t think Facebook needs to join OpenSocial, yet. I believe the standard API may make some impact in terms of lowering the barriers between platforms. It could ultimately make it easier for users to move from one to the other. Check out my blog entry on the topic…

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