Bubble, No Bubble, Bubble, No Bubble

5 12 2007

In Valley culture, making the rounds today is a hilarious send up Music Video that “Here Comes Another Bubble”:

If you think this, Valleywag, and Fake Steve Jobs are the height of comedy, you just might be part of that bubble. When asked why I’ve moved to San Francisco, I’ve commented that I was bubble chasing. Peter Thiel makes his argument, admittedly biased, that technology is the one place where in fact there is no bubble.

So even though Entrepreneur 2.0 might be slightly more self-aware, are we any smarter? Probably not. I don’t have Bubble 1.0 as a personal reference, but the kool-aid is nice and strong this time around.

But we do know what we’re getting ourselves into, what we’re up against. When VCs and dreaming entrepreneurs are the only ones that can get hurt, it looks a lot less like a bubble. And for me (and most of us), that seems good enough to continue to plow through, bubble or no bubble.




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