Kicking Ass and Taking Names!

5 12 2007

Stupid aside:

I was wondering about the origin of Kicking Ass and Taking Names. Urban Dictionary is, of course, the expert of these idiom and jargon definitions.

So the definition does supposedly come from kicking ass, then taking names for the next ass-whooping.

However, the phrase is used to mean multiple successes in succession which is how I meant to use it. After reading the definition, I realized I did not even think about its literal meaning initially.

Does anyone kick ass and take names anymore in its most literal sense?

Kicking ass and taking names is the name of business.   But I can’t imagine any big business anymore that literally brutally kicks ass and takes names in our day and age.




2 responses

3 11 2010
Mixer Shower ·

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9 11 2011

Yes to kick @#$ and take names has military origins. The first part is self explanatory, the taking names part has to do with wiping out an entire regiment or unit and removing them from operational capacity. There name (of the unit) would no longer be on a list of available resources for the enemy to use.

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