The Role of Faith in Startups

7 12 2007

There’s a lot of mechanics behind success, and no one person is beyond failure.

Have the will to take the leap, faith, and the ability to change course rapidly. Traditional entrepreneur definitions tend to focus on the first item, but a willingness to quit your job or do some work on the side does not make you an entrepreneur. I do believe that you can learn the mechanics of the third: you can learn how to adjust to various situations, through experience or education. Some is innate ability, but it can be learned.

But faith is difficult because it’s the only piece that seems to put some things completely out of your control. Faith is difficult because sometimes it takes the form of blind faith, something that logic contradicts and routinely kills businesses. But the type of faith you can give in to is the necessity to know everything immediately, and have faith that you’ll figure it out along the way.

Happy Friday!




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