Heath Ledger, Keeping Perspective in Life

23 01 2008

As I’m sure it has affected many, the death of Heath Ledger yesterday was a cerebral moment for me.  Nothing but kind words for the man come across.  He was surely loved by many, blessed with talent and innate gifts.   It’s a somber moment, clearly for his loved ones beyond all else.

Although the cause of his death is unknown, signs of suicide were present.  For every Heath Ledger, there are many more tales of depression and suicide.  Tim Ferriss has a wonderful post on the labeling of depression as depression affecting how you actually feel.  Please read it if you would like more good info.

I simply don’t know what medical depression might be like, but the rhythms and ups and downs and life affect everyone.

It’s easy enough to get caught up in the hustle and competition in life.  An event like this puts it all in perspective, and a time for both you and me to be grateful of all we have.



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