Macbook Pro + Broadband Access + Bluetooth = Awesome

13 02 2008

I finally got my Verizon Broadband Access from my Treo 700wx to tether to my MacBook Pro through Bluetooth – no wires! Of course, this is a nasty combination Windows Mobile to Mac with Bluetooth (and I’m still hopeful that 3G iPhone is coming soon). Verizon support said it couldn’t be done!

Practical hint, combed from Apple support forums: connect using Spring PCS vision and set Dial Mode as “Ignore dial tone when dialing”. Keep trying to connect if you don’t connect at first try (or first 10 tries).

Yeah, the connection really isn’t that fast and I’ve always had this through a PC card previously, but being able to only carry my cell phone (which is attached to my hip) and laptop to work anywhere is pretty awesome.

This wasn’t quick to set up – and I do get frustrated when things that should work don’t. And bringing it back to wider realizations: blanket WiFi may stall, but carrying your own connectivity that can be used on numerous devices may yet carry long-term implications. Once the seamless experience improves of course.




One response

13 02 2008

I have a treo and MBpro also. I love the bluetooth feature!

While on vacation, I forgot my cord to load pictures from my digital camera. Instead, I slipped the memory card into the treo and started uploading via bluetooth–slow but works!

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