Google and Spinning a better tomorrow

15 04 2008

The interpreters of spin say this is just a partnership to stick it to Microsoft, and Marc Benioff admits as much, amounting to no more than adding a tab on

True, but it’s still a partnership between what I would consider to be the two biggest, most important platform, cloud computing, software as a service providers. Or in Valleyspeak: “this is a validation of the Web OS.” is right there too, as may be others, but also has a much more diversified revenue base as of today.

It’s not a stretch at all to see Google buying

We’ve put a lot of stock in software as a service at iLetYou.

And I would add that the semantic web is a somewhat unpractical and somewhat unnecessary creation of technologists. Although the semantic web will play a part, realize that the Web OS is where the action is. I have very little doubt about that, and the proof is ample and world-changing.




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