gWallet: Anyone know what’s up here?

25 07 2008

Anyone heard of anything surrounding gWallet?

gWallet’s tagline is “reinventing the way you shop”, interestingly close to the first iteration of iLetYou as “reinventing renting”.

Gurbaksh Chahal, founder of BlueLithium which sold to Yahoo, is the poster boy for his third startup.

I’m generally super-critical of any startup that attacks a stronghold market with a product that’s marginally better.  gWallet is obviously being touted as revolutionary, but from I haven’t seen as much from what I’ve seen about gWallet so far.

In this particular example, it’s very clear that comparison shopping search and merchant aggregation community (especially surrounding coupons and deals) are very lucrative and profitable spaces. and RetailMeNot are recent and even more recent, respectively, examples that seemingly entered when there were already many established players.  Revisiting these two examples right now, seems a little Web 1.0 while RetailMeNot’s secret seems to be clean user experience incorporating social elements of voting and user-generated coupons/content (but probably a lot of competency in core areas such as SEO and PR is the real reason).

On the other hand, there is just so much value to be extracted from this whole coupon/deal/savings space.  Lots of companies do it well, but is it really a cornered market?  So I am definitely wondering if Gurbaksh Chahal understands this much: that by competently applying a marginally better experience to an inherently lucrative and not completely efficient space can translate to a huge win.  Because I’m not personally seeing the ace in the hole quite yet.

Thoughts or anything else to add?




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14 08 2008
just some nigga

you say twice his product is “marginally better” but then say you don’t know what it is. that’s the only thing i don’t get 🙂

14 08 2008

Neither mention of marginally better products said that gWallet is marginally better. So that’s some of what I’m wondering about.

22 11 2008
Simple Idea. Add Execution. « Rodger Visitacion’s Blog: Life in the San Francisco Startup Lane

[…] RetailMeNot: Social coupon and deals. Mentioned in an inquiry about gwallet (still yet to launch), but re-reading a TechCrunch post a while back mentioning RetailMeNot as a 3 person operation reminds me how far great execution on a simple idea can go. They just launched BeatMyPrice. Seems mostly like a price comparison wrapper on RetailMeNot. May not be acquired soon, but no doubt they’re making a boatload of cash from the deal/price/coupon model. […]

25 05 2009

If you’re so smart then why’s he so rich?

17 09 2009
Joey Bing

Great, but my favorite is 😉
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Check it out for yourself and don’t forget to thank me. 🙂

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