Live Poker for iPhone: Time Wasters Are Rising!

13 11 2008

Zynga’s Live Poker for the iPhone (via TechCrunch and Mashable). Texas Hold ‘Em for Facebook is my original Facebook application time waster; the application for iPhone seems even better. Of note is that it’s also the first iPhone app to use Facebook Connect.

Jason Calacanis also mentioned a category of startups that provide free, lasting entertainment that will do very well in this prolonged recession. Live Poker and Zynga will certainly fall into that category.

Jason also mentions that the days of $3,000 bottle service in New York and Los Angeles are gone, not only for financial reasons but because you look like a jackass doing it. As such, the entirety of high-end nightlife predicated largely on real estate windfalls and a strong(er) economy is a particularly hard trodden space.

There’s a very special category of entertainment that will also do especially well today, and that’s social entertainment with lasting entertainment value. These I think will do well even if there’s a high price attached to them. Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Wii Sports are three easy examples. They’d do well anyway because they’re fun as hell – they’ll do better as people look to stay home but still want the fun company of others.

The days of excess are gone, boys and girls.




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