Mint: A Quality Story – Congrats!

24 09 2009

Recently, personal finance startup Mint was acquired by Intuit for $170 million in cash.

There’s many lessons and stuff to discuss, which I’m sure will be done and done again.  CEO Aaron Patzer has already enumerated some of them with a post on TechCrunch.

Certain other tactical choices are now validated as correct for Mint, but possibly incorrect for others.

I like the stuff about operating on a shoestring and generally being resourceful.  The main lesson I like is focusing on a product that people want and need.  One step further, successful software time and time again has launched fast and iterated quickly.  I can’t reiterate enough how much these are commonalities in success stories.

But to further the inevitability of their success: Mint was “mint” to start with, but definitely got even better as time went on – an iPhone alert tuned me in that I should write a blog post reiterating this.  Ever since Mint was on TechCrunch40, I followed the company.  As the product got better, it’s basically an automated and very pretty Quicken for me.  Perfection!




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